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This is the central location for musical and other things created by tim p scott. It contains a list of the current catalog of his CD releases, some tracks that can be streamed and possibly downloaded, information about new and upcoming work, historical, technical, philosophical and other rants. The “top” page will have the latest news about musical work and notes about progress towards web site rationality.

This site is also an experiment in “WordPress as CMS [Content Management System]” It turns out it ain’t too bad for that. More information about the technicalities in the “Why?” pages. The main thing is to have a decent broadband connection.

For a musician, it’s really best to pay WordPress for a few upgrade features. If you have your own domain, there’s an elegant tie-in with Google Applications (free!) that allows you to get your domain’s email (e.g., info@example.com). Voila! you have a rough and ready but still pretty capable CMS-based website. At current prices (2011) it will probably run you about US$45 per year including 7 GB of storage space.

The other thing I’ve paid for is Soundcloud. This is one of the premiere sites for musicians and producers. In particular they have nifty widgets which allow me to embed players into my WordPress pages. (WordPress has one too but it’s a lot more minimal.)

And of course, I’ve always used CDBaby for physical CD sales and pushing to download sales.

You do need to learn about CSS to figure out how to customize it,  and a few other details, but overall it’s an efficient, inexpensive, and easy to use approach. I figured the time spent learning CSS would pay for itself in not needed a webmaster.

A designer; well that’s something else. In almost 20 years I’ve never really been happy with the look of any of my websites. This is about as close as I’ve gotten.

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