This page shows some sites where:

  • you can hear more tim p scott music
  • you can get songs and albums via download
  • you can get actual CDs
  • you can contact us

OK: first of all: where some tps music is:

Last.fm is a cool streaming site (although I understand as of 2010-1 it is becoming a subscription site; that is, you can probably listen to it for free if you are willing to either give up your email address for marketing or listen to the occasional advertisement in the stream.)

CDbaby has most of his releases on CD. There are brief (only 30 sec, unfortunately) excerpts of all the tracks, and much more information about him and his music.

Finally, you can get a lot of previews and buy downloads at www.amazon.com. Go to the MP3 Downloads sections and enter tim p scott in the search area.

That ought to be enough to keep you busy for the monent…

How to contact us:

Email: [this is a non-clickable graphic so spam spiders can’t pick it up]

info address as png graphic

Can you believe we once had a fax machine? Well, we don’t any more!

For many many years our mailing address was the following: Crow Caw Music Works, P.O. Box 19278, San Diego CA,  92159,  USA   But this was DISCONTINUED in 2009. Please don’t use it anymore! Please write us via email at the address shown above in the little graphic.

To order all tim p scott CDs (except The Circle of Art), please go to tim p scott’s page at CD Baby

Gradually, we’ll add all the links to last.fm, amiestreet.com, amazon.com, acidplanet, soundclick, etc. where you can listen to and purchase the music online

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