32-The Circle of Art [1997]

CD Front CoverThis second CD from tim p scott is not available on CD Baby, but only direct from Crow Caw Music Works. Simply send a note to (info@crow-caw.com) and you’ll be able to get your very own copy. The price is only US$5, postpaid to the US; payment may be by check, money order or PayPal. If you’re in another country, mention it and a reasonable quote will be provided.  A collector’s item to be treasured for generations.

In order to get the tunes on this release a little better known, for the first time CCMW is making available various tracks from the release on this site and some of our other partner sites (like bandcamp or soundcloud)

Over time we may offer different tracks. Enjoy…

For more information, just email us at: info address as png graphic

(By the way, in the case of “Frontless”, don’t be puzzled if it seems that it’s not playing when you start the player. The tracks starts off with some sound effects for the first 30 seconds or so before the actual music starts. So just sit back and relax and don’t be so quick on the skip button. )

from “The Circle of Art”
©1996 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)
from “The Circle of Art”
©1996 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

This early release was also mastered at a fairly low level, so your volume control will need to be operated (imagine that). Purchasers of the CD may be offered a download of an “enhanced” version which for portable media players which will have the tracks gain adjusted to be more uniform among themselves and other normal commercial CDs.

the circle of art graphics header

The Circle of Art -- poster inside
The attached graphics file is an image of the entire inside of the 8-panel fold-up cover sheet. Click on the image to see it in its full size glory.

Tracks now available on bandcamp.


The streaming version above on this page is a 128kbps MP3. It’s ok to listen to on ear buds or cheap PC multimedia speakers. Bandcamp has some nice streaming and download options (i.e., you can make a track available for a free download as a 129kbps MP3, and additionally as a paid download of a 320kbps MP3. Anyway, I like the design of the site, funky but passionate attitude of the people there and hope they’re one of the survivors. The Bandcamp page has a couple of other tracks you can listen to as well.

Lately I’ve been tending towards soundcloud…their better integration with wordpress is winning me over…stay tuned!

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