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Ugh, this isn’t so great

I was using this page to try to host my own tracks, using Soundcloud. They had a promotion a few years ago which gave me several months at one of its premium plans. This allowed me to have many hours of tracks on it. But when the promotion ended I decided I didn’t want to pay for another web hosting place.

This means a bunch of the players I have on this (WordPress) site became inoperative.

So at this point, just hop on over to Spotify, YouTube, iHeartMusic, iTunes, Google Play and search for “tim p scott”. Using DistroKid (plug!) I uploaded all of my old catalog to everywhere.

So in terms of soundcloud: Bah humbug. Maybe someday I’ll go back to that place but for now I’ve good the tools I need.

(continuation of old material on this page): …..One of the nice things about the WordPress plan I have is that there is plenty of space to host media (I think I have 5 GB). On top of that, I can manage tracks and their players in one place.

So I’m going to need to go back and connect some of the songs I had here to the WordPress media player.  But now the CSS I carefully designed for the embedded WordPress audio player no longer works as well so as you can see I have some research to do. My apologies….

So here’s my decorated basic wordpress player that seems still to be valid:

Jolly Diatoms (Jul 2013 draft)
©2013 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

(The above was sort of embarassing; it played a track that wasn’t even mine! I fixed it 7/2018)

Some new tunes for 2011

“Kronecker’s Epsilon”

(Math nerd alert…Since I can’t call it “Kronecker’s Delta”.) This is a track mainly based on a bunch of guitar playing and very little synth stuff.

Maybe it’s my fault since if I move stuff around on soundcloud I have to make sure that I fix the link here too.

If you’re interested, here’s what the code looks like for the soundcloud connector:


(Dictionary nerd alert…this is just a word I pulled out of my … memory … that has nothing to do with the track. It’s only about 1:40 anyway so the title is just there so I can call it something.)

“A serious thing”

It’s not that the tracks are getting better, but they sure are getting longer to get out. This one started back in August of 2010 and was finished in March 2011. Other things are going on at the same time but this is more or less ready to listen to. Enjoy!

Some new tunes for 2010


No, I don’t have any idea what that word means, or even if I’ve spelled it right.

The “haborthelem” (?) samples and the “party” background both come from the OLPC free sound set (more information here). The “party” is a field recording of a Kavadi festival in Montreal; and the “haborthelem” is from a group of samples showing the different kind of digital signal processing that cam be applied to an audio file. The rest of the samples are from all over the place. Soft synths used were Zebra2, Dimension Pro and Crystal 2.4.8 (for a great koto patch). Everything was assembled in Ableton Live as usual (version 8 this time.)

I get a big kick out of listening to this, I think it conveys the party atmosphere it’s supposed to:


Magnapure (version 3)
(2:57) from “Songs in work 2010-2011”
©2010 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

This is just a working title, not being able to think of anything better at the moment; mainly because it uses a lot of loops from Puremagnetik soundware developers. The player to the right has a first cut at an arrangment.

Next up are a couple tracks from around Feb 2010: “Whispers of Doom” and “Robot Monster 3” (hosted at Soundcloud as you can probably tell.)

These can also be accessed directly from the tim p scott soundcloud area although you might need to be a member or sign up to get there.  (The URL is http://soundcloud.com/rasputin) If you’re interested in downloading them, please note that they were uploaded in OGG Vorbis format).

No stamps (version 4)
(5:00) from “Songs in work 2008-2009”
©1995-2009 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

Blorfing thru space

Also being offered on this page is a hoary relic from the Tim P Scott Archives. “Blorfing thru space” was one of the very first things the nascent composer wrote using his trusty little SC-55. It hasn’t made its way onto any of the “official” releases, but only existed in audio on a CD of archives from about 1996. But the dub on that disk had distortion problems due to improper gain staging.

So we managed to locate and unearth the original data files that created it (in the “Metro” sequencer format) and re-recorded it from a Roland SC-880. Then Scott took the audio files and did a tweak and remix in Ableton Live. Here are the original and remixed versions; enjoy:

Blorfing thru space (original)
(4:05) from “Collected Works Vol. 1”
©1995-2009 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)
Blorfing thru space (2009 Remix)
(4:05) from “Collected Works Vol. 1”
©2009 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

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