News 2012 Jan 12

…I don’t know about you…

…but life just keeps throwing one surprise at me after another. Good ones in the past month, fortunately. So I’m taking the opportunity to actually finish some pieces: see the “Newer tracks” page (although at some point it isn’t going to make any sense that I am calling 2 and 3 year old tracks “newer”…)

News 2010 Sept 15

A minor slowing in production…

Due to one thing and another and a bunch of travel and stuff that I may have to do, I might not be able to work too much on the newer tracks. But I hope to get to them before the end of this year.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in sampling a selection of the tim scott oeuvre from the 90s to now, hie thee over to this page:More tps tracks…

This was the landing page for a Google AdWords experiment I did and has a lot of different tracks for your listening pleasure (or displeasure).

Drones and noise

I’ve gone back to experimenting with the noise/ambient style a la William Basinski. On the surface, one thinks, “I could do that, it’s just a bunch of long noise samples jammed together.” Mais non, mon petite. The more I listen to the masters of this genre, the more I appreciate what it took to create the pieces. It’s really hard to quantify the difference between someone just throwing a bunch of samples together and a piece that holds your attention and seems to evoke or imply a feeling, alien place or just peace. And maybe a lot depends on the listener: his or her background, state of mind, tolerance for sound scuplture pieces as opposed to “music”, etc.

Well, there’s no help for it, but that one needs to try it anyway. You can hear some of my experiments on the Secrets of Metals page. And there are a bunch of pieces newer than that as well you might find scattered about this website.

(2019-09-01) I wanted to add a plug for the band “Sunn O)))”. I’d been seeing buzz about them but of all places I happened on their release Monoliths and Dimensions at my local public library. This is great drone/noise/industrial.


In going through years of archives, I unearthed some tapes and CD-Rs of outputs from various runs of the bizarre granular synthesis program thonk+0_2 (apparently originally released on old 68K architecture Macs in 1996). This was a Macintosh-only application which you fed an audio file of your choice to and it produced (after many hours of processing) a sample derived from hundreds of passes of granular synthesis over the input.

(From http://www.audioease.com/Pages/Free/FreeMain.html (this link is dead as of 2019 at least; there was a download area for the application but I can’t find that either.

It looks like the place to go to find out about it now is Patreon Learning Modular site

thonk is an extremely simple to use Freeware Macintosh application, that uses Granular Synthesis to produce very diverse sounds based upon a sound file provided by the user, where you have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over the process.)

Well, not exactly, but that’s another story. Check out the Patreon site. (Peeve: a lot of blogging software and websites put a month and day up for a post, but not the year! Sheesh man, really?)

The Learning Module person kindly provides a good link to Macintosh Garden which seems to have a link to th0nk. (Closing the circle: if you go to the Macintosh Garden link and click on “Purchase”, you end up at the same dead audioease.com link I started with above.)

In any case: I’m going to soon put a link to a player on soundcloud you can hear my experiment.

It’s been a while since we’ve added anything new to listen to, so here’s a track from the little-known “Circle of Art” CD.

from “The Circle of Art” ©1997 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

There are a number of websites around with tracks from “official” tim p scott releases, old experiments, contest entries and remixes. Eventually most of them will be listed in the “Where?” pages. For the time being, here’s a relatively recent track I’ve been working on:

“The Elucidatory Apparatus of Laz-Merv-Nokh
from “Songs in Work” ©2009 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

A sort of cool thing about that piece is that it has a neat lo-fi vibe when listened to through uber-crappy laptop speakers…

(Some notes about the embedded players)

Basically, this site mainly uses the WordPress standard mini-mp3 player supplied by wordpress.com. It’s been styled somewhat and put into an HTML table with a “style=margin-left:10px;float:right” setting. If you want other formats, downloads, etc., you have to go to other places. The player is pretty minimal in that it doesn’t have any fancy graphics. It ought to work on most systems, but I can’t test it on all browsers and operating systems. My apologies if it doesn’t work on yours. (Here’s a track [the only one I have so far) on bandcamp. bandcamp has a lot of buzz in various places and you are encouraged to check it out as it appears to be the Newest Hottest Thing for the indie musician. I’m hoping to get more into that site as it does look very cool).

bandcamp also provides an embeddable player like wordpress does; e.g.:

(Note added 2019-07-21: I’m sort of surprised that that still works!)

But as you can see it’s not so fancy when stuck in a wordpress page.
Our intention is to put a few different tracks on this page and change them around now and then just to keep things interesting.

Notes on excerpts

Due to various reasons, the song excerpts you can listen to on CDBaby have now all been shortened to 30 seconds. They used to be 2 minutes. 30 seconds is hardly long enough to allow you to decide whether a song is going to grab you at all. Because of that, I’m going to create my own library of excerpts (which will probably be 90 or 120 seconds long) and make them available for streaming. Watch this space where I’ll announce where these will end up being…

And if you can’t find anything at all interesting of mine to listen to…

Check out our “Free and cheap content” page and you might discover some other music that you like.

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