35-MMIV [2004]

MMIV (so called since that’s the year it was released) continues tim p scott’s explorations into the mysteries of digital music.

You can get this CD all most of the other tim p scott catalog at the official tim p scott store at CD Baby.

I used to have a link to my page on acidplanet, specifically to my own tracks, but apparently Magix took that name over on May 2018, so the link doesn’t work any more.

Magix interestingly also took over my beloved Sound Forge audio editor from Sony. They seem like a very committed and serious company, but I’ll have to find out if there’s any way to retrieve my old acidplant content from their new sites.

(For historical background: if you’re not familiar with it, “acidplanet” doesn’t have anything to do with any kind of acid. It was started as a forum and song exchange community for users of Sony Media’s (formerly Sound Forge’s) “Acid” music production software. It was free for anyone at all to upload or download music from.)

After several years I went back and listened to this, and I was really amazed (and a little dismayed) as to how poorly mixed it was. I still link most of the songs are pretty good, but this was very early in my production evolution when I was trying to get decent distorted electric guitar parts mixed in with the arrangement. What I ended up with due to the bad distortion pedal I was using, and trying different techniques to record the guitar parts, was in some cases badly muffled guitar parts and very dull mixes overall.

I really think I can do better and hope to put a MMIV remixed project on my to do list — but first maybe I should finish half a dozen other things I’m in the middle of now (2018).

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