52-Places to hear tps stuff

Currently you can find streamable and/or downloadable tim p scott compositions at the following websites:

Site/URL Songs to stream Songs to download (free) Songs/albums for purchase
www.last.fm Y Y
www.acidplanet.com Y N
soundclick.com* (see note below) Y
amazon.com Y Y
(Tracks no more than 98¢ ea!!)
Y Some Y
tim p scott main page at CDbaby.com Not really, only 30 second samples** N Y
www.Rhapsody.com25 free plays per month without subscription Y N Y
Soundcloud.com Y N Y

On some sites, you may need to use the site’s Search function or tinker with the URL to find the tunes. If so, just regard it as a fun scavenger hunt.

*Disturbing visit to soundclick.com. I went there 13 Apr to check on my links and was dismayed to see (hear) that an ad started playing as soon as I hit the page. That’s one thing that really pisses me off (yeah, I can hit mute and maybe it’s the curmudgeon talking) but if that’s their business model, perhaps I’ll just move on.

**CDBaby (and other sites too) used to have 2 minute excerpts you could listen to. That was a lot better since many of my pieces have long “Intro” sections, but after 30 seconds many electronic pieces are just establishing a groove/mood. Oh well.

(NOTE: The above chart is very much a work in progress, so apologies if it isn’t yet very complete or accurate; hopefully it will be improved soon.)

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