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19 Mar 2010

For the time being the password requirement for this page will be disabled. So it’s publicly available.

Unsound Festival tracks: I done my duty

I had some OGG versions of the (free) 2010 Unsound Festival tracks here for anyone to listen to (the “official” free versions were just too cumbersome to deal with, what with the archiving method they used and all.) But I need the space to put other things here so I removed them.

If you really need these tracks, and can’t find them anywhere else, drop me an email and I’ll see if I can dig them up for you.

Here’s a link for more information about the Unsound Festival if you’re interested:


Some recently uploaded or other interesting tim p scott tracks


This page is for uploads of various tracks (mostly tim p scott, but also tracks I think should be more widely heard that aren’t available anywhere anymore)

I don’t know how much of a dent OGG will ever make in the MP3 world, but at least I can try to promote its use.

22 Feb 2010

Here are links to the new pieces on page 43 “Whispers of Doom” and “Robot Monster” in OGG format. You are free to download, redistribute, etc., these but please respect the authorship of the original producer.



22 Feb 2010

“No stamps” (version 7)

Updated  10 Mar 2010

At this point I can’t tell you what the title means. It originated with a demo file that came with a version of the SSEYO “Koan” algorithmic composition software application. But the twists and turns it took to get to the current version would probably take several pages to describe. Even though it’s in OGG format, it’s hosted at Soundcloud which is where the player comes from.

27 Sep 2009

Here’s a newer piece, finally: No Stamps v4 (OGG Vorbis format) This originated with an ancient SSEYO Koan piece I worked in probably in the early 2000s.

Here’s another one just released in March 2010 (also in OGG format): Ectoplasm 3 v1 / OGG Vorbis format

2009 Jun 1

The first thing I want to make available is the original “Why can the bodies fly”, a 1982 track from Warning. I say original since it has been covered a couple times, pretty well actually, since then, but the original is always the best. So here it is: “Why can the bodies fly” Warning [1982]

We dug back into the tim p scott archives and found two CDs from 1995 or 1996 called “Collected Works.” It was a collection of pieces, mostly in a finished state, some of which made it onto Jack of Shadows and The Circle of Art but many others that have been released nowhere.

One track that was sort of interesting was called “Blorfing thru space.” For some reason the audio dub was distorted–due to lack of gain staging in the recording. But since this was based on a Roladn GS format MIDI file, it was decided that it could be easily reproduced.

Well, it wasn’t completely easy but it was a fun experiment. First we uncovered the original song files in Metro format. Metro was a MIDI sequencer for Macintosh that Scott used a lot in the 1990s. So the file was loaded in that application and a regular MIDI file of the track was exported. Since it only used three patches it was pretty simple.

The MIDI files were then moved to a Windows machine running Sonar. By routing the MIDI out to a Roland SC-880 and the audio back into to the PC, the channels were recorded to audio one by one.

The following file in OGG format gives what is essentially exactly the original track sounded like: tim_p_scott-2206-blorfing_thru_space.ogg

Then we decided to slightly remix the piece. First the audio tracks were transferred to Ableton Live (which is the easiest program to manipulate audio in.) A patch from Ableton’s Operator FM synth was layered on the original melody line, and a touch of enhancement was added using Isotope Ozone 3 across the Master buss. Here’s the result: tim_p_scott-5810-blorfing_v2-256k.mp3

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