37-The Secrets of Metals [2008]

It’s here!

The latest tim p scott release, and the first one to be download-only. Here’s a song from it:

“Last Balloon from Oz”
from “The Secrets of Metals”
©2008 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

(Incidentally, if you came to this page before and was unable to get the above gadget to play, it’s been fixed.)

There are several places on the net to hear other excerpts from and acquire this release.

This is also the first time tim p scott work has been available at the Amazon mp3 store (go to Amazon, and pick “MP3 Downloads” from the control next to “Search” near the top of the page. Search for “tim p scott”. Or try this link: (tim p scott tracks at amazon.com)

Amazon also has tim p scott’s radio i and glossolalia releases. It’s a pretty convenient way to audition the various tracks and download them individually if you want.

What’s the deal with two sub-albums? Why did we do it this way?

The reason this release is organized this way, as two relatively independent “sub-albums” (35 and 37 minutes long) is because the songs from this project are sort of stylistically schizophrenic (unsurprisingly). Most of the time the work is more on the industrial, rhythmic and tonal mode, whereas the other side of his personality wants to channel Eno, Harold Budd, Michael Stearns, Lustmord and similar ambient/industrial artists. Putting a collection together including both of those styles doesn’t really work on a single CD. So the decision was made to split up the online release into two sub-groups: “The Secrets of Metals: Primordial” and “The Secrets of Metals: Synthetic.” (Note: we used the “Createspace” system from Amazon to assemble and release the audio and graphics.) (Although we weren’t too happy that we had to list the release under “Dance and DJ” as the primary genre…)

Putting all the tracks on one CD didn’t make sense, esthetically, and producing a 2-CD set would be extremely expensive. So by making the album available as a download, the buyer has the option to just load the tracks on his/her iPod/player; or create a custom CD-R of his/her favorite tracks.

There may be a real replicated CD release in the future, but for now we’ll just see how this works out.

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