46-“Pangur Ban”: workflow and development example

I’ve been wanting to put up a page like this for some time. It probably would have made more sense under the “How?” category but my structure has run out of numbers to do that. That’s embarrassing.

Anyway, “Pangur Ban” is a piece I started in March of 2011 (when I had more spare time than money). It all started with a single short sample from the OLPC collection named “Bali Synth Melody.”

It sort of had a gamelan feel to it, but on listening to it I thought: “there’s a melody in there; what would happen if I slowed it down from 88 bpm to 60 – 70% of that?”

Of course Ableton Live makes it pretty easy to change speed and/or pitch of loops, and the later versions have better and better speed changing algorithms. I liked the way it sounded at 48 bpm; a pretty cool melody appeared; very reminiscent in my mind to something you’d hear out of the Buddha Machine. I figured out the notation of it too, here’s my rendering of that:

Bali synth melody notated

Bali synth melody notated

Here’s the original version (the 88 bpm one)

…and here’s what the slowed (48 bpm) one sounded like:

(Note: sorry about the low level of the slowed down version; I’ll try to fix this soon.)

So this is cool.  Starting from that little snippet of melody, the job was to orchestrate and arrange it. So to work…