Monthly Archives: December 2019

Up on Spotify and YouTube!

I really like DistroKid as a route to get my material on these and many other sites (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, iHeartRadio and many others). I was excited about SoundCloud when it first started, but I don’t think it’s aimed at my needs in it current incarnation.

Spotify: just enter “tim p scott” in the search box, and it will find all my released albums and a few newer things. This is the best place since it gives you more flexibility in choosing songs and albums.

YouTube: I have a YouTube Artist Channel. This is pretty much only a place to listen; there’s only a static picture along with each track. And you may have to look at/skip over ads if you’re on the free signup; not yet sure about that. Anyway, to get started just put “tim p scott” in the search box, or try

Hopefully more recent pieces will get uploaded as time goes by. Also I really need to groom these sites (and this wordpress one too)…