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My apologies…this was intended to be Page 97, but I have been struggling with how to host this site and some of my songs without paying a ton of money. I like WordPress a lot but it you want a plan that allows you to host media it costs more–and I make 0$ from this blog and always have.

I will fix this page up but all this takes time and I’m the only one working on it so my apologies.

I signed up with SoundCloud (SC) some time ago, but my free hosting there expired as well. SC has a very nice, elegant, simple method to embed a player in a WordPress page but once my introductory plan there expired all my embedded SC players became invalid. (As you can see below)

There’s a nice way to use WordPress to embed a player, but it’s somewhat more work for a more primitive player; on the other hand you can actually store the audio files on WordPress so there is that advantage…no SC account needed. (You can see this in action on the page in this site called “Newer tracks.”) So I have to reconvert all my SoundCloud tracks back to the WordPress format: as shown here:

Visual Purple (6:18) 256k MP3 format
©2022 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

The original intention was to provide a lot of samples and complete tracks from tim p scott on the Crow Caw Music Works label. The styles range from hard house, techno, industrial, pseudo-orchestral, to ambient, EBM, and back again. Great music for driving, working out, chilling out, or just to sit and enjoy. The problem is that when free time exists, I can work on tracks or maintain this site, so guess what’s suffering? Yup….

To purchase CDs or downloadable albums or individual tracks, see the tim p scott catalog on CDBaby. (Different releases are also available at the iTunes or Amazon MP3 stores.)

The tunes are approximately color coded by style in their play buttons:

Green: uptempo

The Secrets of Metals (2008)

This was the first online only release from Crow Caw Music Works. It consists of two parts: a set of loud noisy tracks and one of ambient spooky pieces. Amazon’s MP3 Download area has samples of all the tracks and convenient ordering controls!
“Makary Kronberkzion” from “Primordial” volume
“Recreational Modes of the Autonomous Self” from “Synthetic” volume

Canciones de mi hermano electrónico (2006)

In spite of what the name might lead you to believe this is not Latino electronica. For that I can’t do much better than recommend bands like Nortec Collective. It’s a very eclectic set. Full-length CD available from CDBaby.com.
“Brutalidad y homicidas”
“Nalh Babm”

MMIV (2004)

In the 2000s, computers continued getting more powerful and therefore able to handle multi-channel audio. MMIV represents increased use of guitar and software synthesis.

radio i (1997)

The Big Concept of this album was that of an imaginary radio station in your head that only plays your own favorite music (with no annoying announcers and no commercials). Sadly, broadcast radio stations continue their deterioration into the 2000s, from a time when you could expect to hear adventurous, exciting music to most stations not playing music at all.
“Son of Cosmic Pentacles”

The Circle of Art (1997)

This second tim p scott album is the only CD release not available from CDBaby but it can be obtained from Crow Caw Music Works in devious ways (see the Circle of Art information page on this site for more information.) It was also a thematic work with the pieces based on thaumaturgical experiments. (It’s all about art, man.)
“Weekend in Sodom”

Jack of Shadows (1995)

First album from tim p scott. At this time, technology was not as advanced as it is today so the emphasis is really on melody, rhythms and harmony. This is both an important document in his stylistic evolution and an enjoyable collection of compositions as well.

Older, newer and miscellaneous works

To date, there a 6 CD releases and a “double” online release of albums by tim p scott. Here’s a track from one of them.
“Glossolalia” from the album “Glossolalia” (2002)

Works in progress…

Below are a couple pieces recently hatched from the fevered brain of t p scott.

Whispers of Doom

This is a very new (2010) piece which might show up on this year’s planned release…
“Whispers of Doom”


Starts with a sample of a Kavadi festival in Montreal taken from the free audio OLPC sound set. And then things get weird. Much use of the mighty u-he Zebra2 synth and my new toy, fxpansion’s BFD2 drum plugin.

Robot Monster 3

This was something created for the pure fun of it, based on a bunch of samples from one of the cheeziest science fiction movies ever made: 1953’s “Robot Monster.” Our tribute to White Zombie who made the best imaginable use of this sort of sampling on their album “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1”
“Robot Monster 3” (2010)

Robot Monster 1

I’m not sure that this tune goes anywhere. It was mainly created in Reason 4 and just sort of repeats the same verse and chorus sections. But hopefully it gets the idea across of the mindless giant robot smashing his way across Tokyo. This is an early mix (created in Sept 2010) and might be replaced or removed at a moment’s notice if I get sick of the track or come up with a more interesting arrangement.
“Robot Monster 1” (2010)
“Robot Monster 1”
(about 5:30?) from “Songs in Work 2009-2010”
©2010 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)
“Robot Monster 1”
(about 5:30?) from “Songs in Work 2009-2010”
©2010 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)“Robot Monster 1”
(about 5:30?) from “Songs in Work 2009-2010”
©2010 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)
“Robot Monster 1”
(about 5:30?) from “Songs in Work 2009-2010”
©2010 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)
“Robot Monster 1”
(about 5:30?) from “Songs in Work 2009-2010”
©2010 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

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