36-Canciones de mi hermano electrónico [2006]

Canciones de mi hermano electrónico (“Songs of my electronic brother”) is the most recent full length CD release from tim p scott. It represents a progression in both musical and production sophistication. It is also available at CD Baby

CD Baby also works with many online music vendors (including the big ones like iTunes and Rhapsody) and music from this CD as well as the other tim scott catalog can be found all over.

Here are a few of many sites where you can hear samples or get copies of the tracks from this CD [NOTE: sites are born, thrive and sometimes struggle and die, so not all of these links are necessarily still good. I last checked them all on 23 May 2010 and they all at least came up except for “groupietunes”.]

PayPlay http://payplay.fm/timpscott5

Tradebit = Muerto!

MusicIsHere = Muerto!

GreatIndieMusic http://www.greatindie.com/ipnmusic/store/list.php?item_number=634479480812

GroupieTunes = Muerto!

Here is a sample track from this release to whet your appetite (not exactly sure where all the Spanish titles came from but there you have it.)

Brutalidad y homicidas
(4:10) from “Canciones de mi hermano electronico”
©2006 tim p scott
(click (triangle) to play)

Fol de Rol remix?

As noted on the CD Baby page for this release, it turned out that after the CD was manufactured a small error was detected in the mixing and mastering of Track 8 “Fol de Rol”.

I’m giving all this detail to maybe help another self-producer avoid a similar problem.

It looks like this is what happened. In order to increase the stereo spread of the track which was too monaural, someone (probably me) added a small delay to the mid-high frequencies. Sometimes this can work to artificially stereo-ize a near-mono source but unfortunately in this case it had the effect of shifting the stereo stage annoyingly to the right. This is particularly noticeable in the first part of the track. [Note to solo producers: this is another reason it’s always good to have another set of (hopefully educated) ears check out your tracks.]

We’ve remixed and remastered the track to fix this error, and want to make it available to anyone who bought “Canciones…” (or anyone at all really). Just drop us an email and we’ll send you a like to the revised version.

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