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I’ve written about this band before. Basically it’s one of the primary influences on me and my music. Even though they only released 2 lps (that I know of) in the 1980s, I still hardly ever get tired of listening to them.
I was just making up some MP3s for my portable player, and listened to “White Camels” off the second LP (“Electric Eyes”) again, and was struck with how excellent the simple guitar lead was they used for the out…it starts at about 3:56 and goes to the end about 5:18.
I’m going to go out on a limb here again and put up the file in a player, even though it’s a frank copyright infringement. I’m justifying it by the fact the record is nearly 25 years old and most people have never heard of it. So I don’t feel I’m taking royalty money out of anyone’s bank account.

White Camels
(5:18) from “Electric Eyes”
©1982 Warning
(click > to play)

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