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Crow Caw Music Works is the exclusive distributor of the works of tim p scott.

The available full-length releases as of Feb 2010 are:

Jack of Shadows (1996)
radio i (1997)
Glossolalia (2002)
MMIV (2004)
Canciones de mi hermano electronico (2006)

which are all available on CD from CDbaby.com,

The Secrets of Metals (2008)

which is a web-only release available at amazon.com’s mp3 store, last.fm, and various other places here and there around the internet

The Circle of Art (1996)

is only available directly from Crow Caw Music Works (and possibly some online locations which will be eventually revealed…)

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Jack of Shadows (1996) CD Front Cover radio i (1998) canciones(2006)
Jack of Shadows (1995) The Circle of Art (1996) radio i (1998) Canciones de me hermano electronico (2006)

For newer material and songs in work, see the Listen area.

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