70-How? (Part 1)

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This is going to be a new category for technical and production notes. In other words in 2010: software and usage notes. Underneath, I’ll put some old historical stuff for nostalgia purposes (e.g., back when I was recording sound modules in a studio on DA-88s, attempting to record a live drummer, etc.)

But as of the last few years, the most important tools in my studio are software:

  • Ableton Live music production and sound design system (at least that’s the way I think of it)
  • Propellerheads Reason music production system
  • Sony (previously Sonic Foundry) Sound Forge audio editor

and the following synthesizers and processors:

  • Cakewalk Dimension Pro synth
  • My new favorite soft synth! u-he Zebra2
  • Ableton Operator FM synth
  • and many many others

and the following signal processors

  • Izotope Ozone mastering processor
  • Magnus Electronix Ambience reverb processor
  • Cakewalk Perfect Space reverb processor
  • Dirthead guitar amp simulator

For those who may be interested here’s a snapshot of the studio from March 2010. The studio desk is an Omnirax Force 12 and the Windows XP system is rack mounted out of sight. Observe essential feline studio equipment installed on the task chair.

CCMW Studio 6 mar 2010

CCMW Studio 6 Mar 2010

For comparison here’s an annotated scan of a snapshot from the 1990s:

Note the antiquated equipment!

Like old CRT monitors and a Mac G3.

Update 25 Sep 2011: an examination of workflow and process

For quite some time I thought it might be interesting to take a piece and go through some of the decisions and processes that leads from the first ideas to the final result. This is the logical category for that but I’ve already “filled it up”. So see page 46.

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