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Welcome (back) to Crow Caw Music Works – Blog section



This is the place for all things related to and about the musical productions and writings of tim p scott, producer of electronic post-rock instrumental compositions since before there was post-rock.

If this is your first visit, welcome. This is the permanent landing page. Up above there are the main (“What”, “Who”, etc.) menus. You can go to the page “Listen” for samples of tps music, “Who?” for some biographical material, “What?” for general information about this site, and “Where?” for contact information. “How” discusses various aspects of (what used to be called) “DTMP” (Desktop Media Production).

All the music from the first 5 CDs are now available on Spotify as well. Just enter “tim p scott” into the search box. (If you subscribe to that service, just think; you’re paying me about a ten-thousandth of a penny each time you play a track. Hey, it adds up!)

If you’re returning, welcome back. Apologies in advance for all the broken links and other embarrassments. This site may not be dead yet. My musical pal and I are planning a launch/relaunch of our sites so maybe having a partner will motivate me to resurrect this. We know that the most important thing about a website is interesting content and **FREQUENT UPDATES** so maybe we can make that happen.

Working full time and trying to keep up an old house does tend to suck up a mass of time. (2022: OK, you’ve NOT been working full time since 2019, so where’s all the new music? :)

Finally; while we try to be realistic and flexible about copyright law (after all, who wants to spend all their money on lawyers and lawsuits [besides certain churches]?), we sincerely hope you’ll at least have the grace to give credit to tim p scott and/or Crow Caw Music Works if you use anything from this site. So please try to do the Right Thing, it no kill you.

(Apologies in advance for broken links; I have a lot of references to old websites/pages some of which have moved or disappeared. Don’t forget to check the Wayback Machine at which is a pretty good attempt to save every website that has every been on the internet.)

For instance, today I removed my cool pointer to a short interview with the great Robert Moog as the link disappeared. The curse of the internet….