What happened to the old web site?!

For those of you who visited www.crow-caw.com within the last 5 years, something has obviously changed. It was time to revamp the look and organization of the site so it made more sense and was easier to update. (Not to mention cheaper to run!)

For the time being, for those who need instant gratification, I’ll have a few things to listen to on the page “40-Listen“. To hear a lot more, buy downloads or CDs, see the page “50-Where?

The site is now hosted and powered by wordpress.com, and is built around the “Sandbox-10” theme and a whole bunch of custom CSS. For those of you who care about such things, I’ll eventually explain all the trials and tribulations of that on the page “70-Site Stuff.”

I guess the other technical thing I need to say is that www.crow-caw.com will still get you to my web site, but it does it by redirecting to “http://crow.caw.com” (and then to “ccmw.wordpress.com”). Hopefully that all goes on “behind the scenes” and won’t really bother anyone, I think, unless they had something bookmarked like www.crow-caw.com/music or www.crow-caw.com/tech which probably won’t work anymore.