My MIDI “Listening Box”

Basically I wanted a way to just be able to sit down at my digital piano, turn it on, and with a minimum of extra gear and steps, be able to start playing and capture the MIDI stream. The idea is to move the raw MIDI file to the big DAW for further editing/arranging/etc.

The solution is not no-cost, but I had the $200 barebones Chromebook. All I needed to buy was the $14.99 FL Studio Mobile app (6 stars out of 5!) and a USB extender since the stupid Chromebook has exactly one USB port, can you believe it. ($25).

Anyway, a training professional you will probably vomit at the amateurishness but I can’t spend a million hours making it perfect. I used Nero Video and exactly 0% copyrighted material.

You can check it out on youtube here (it’s about 8:25 long).